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Titan 2000 Chest Plus X-ray

Nation: Vietnam

Titan 2000 Chest Plus

TITAN 2000 CHEST plus is an all-in-one system, specifically designed for mobile check-up centers and diagnostic clinics with massive patient load for thorax images. Titan Chest consists of X-Ray tube assembled with a main column including a collimator, control panel, and receiver plate. This is most convenient for lung scan and installation on vehicles.


-  Working from work station
-  Synchronous position btw X-ray tube & radiography.
-  Function synchronization with workstation, software and hand switch
-  High frequency inverter: 40kHz
-  Flexible movement
-  Space optimization
-  Customization for installation on mobile health vehicle
-  Integration with more than 1000 APR programs
-  Connection with PACS complying with DICOM 3.0 

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Hotline 2: 0982758648