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EVA series - high performance radiography system

Nation: Vietnam

Tried and True Conventional System

The EVA Series is an affordable and dependable general radiographic system designed for flexibility and convenient use in all general radiographic procedures. EVA can also be customized to your specific clinical requirements including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography studies. 

-  Different type of high performance generator based on its own high frequency technology.
-  The 4 ways table is smooth, effortless to float, and consisted with heavy-duty structure.
-  With fully counter-balanced, the floor mounted tube stand can travel along with the rail, and rotate 360 degree for any axial projections.
-  Wall bucky stand with electromagnetic lock for easy positioning.
-  Modular design that saving space to fit into virtually any clinical environment
-  Variable System configuration 50kW HFG with matching x-ray tube available

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Hotline 2: 1800 6623