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Vendor: Daiwha
Nation: Hàn Quốc

Model: DUB-100
Acquired certificates: ISO 13485, CE certificate

The DUB-100 Ultrasonic Surgical Generator is the advanced version of the versatile ultrasonic high-frequency electric ablation machine used in modern operating rooms or surgical centers.

Hotline: 024 6326 9097
Hotline 2: 0949458899

1. Advantages

- 7-inch TFT color touch screen and user-friendly interface.

- Daiwha APC function (automatic power control): The continuous power generated will automatically set up and intelligently freeze, helping to operate safely..

- Sticky electrode monitoring (DRM) system with safety function.

+ Designed to deactivate the transmitter power unit before damage occurs.

+ A warning will be issued and the power will be automatically cut off in case of contact loss, electrode drop (only applicable to double plates).

- Different operating modes: has both ultrasound and bipolar functions to satisfy the needs of laparoscopic surgery.

- Application for many different surgeries such as: general surgery, dermatology, endoscopic, ancillary, cardiac/thoracic, neurology, orthopedic, minimally invasive surgery (MIS), plastic surgery...

2. Specifications

- Main frequency: 482 KHz ± 10%

- High frequency leakage current: less than 150 mA

- Power supply:  100 / 240V (± 10%), 50/60Hz.

- Power consumption:  600 VA

- Dimensions (height x width x depth) 440 X 330 X 150 mm.

- Weight: 9.58 kg.