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VIKOMED to join the largest Health Exhibition in the Middle East - Arab Health 2020

The Arab Health 2020 exhibition was held for 5 days from January 27 to January 31, 2020 at Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai. This is the largest health exhibition in the Middle East, gathering more than 106,900 visitors from 159 countries around the world, with a variety of display items such as medical softwares, pharmaceutical equipment, prevention and treatment devices, diagnostic imaging instruments,...

Image: Arab Health 202

VIKOMED participates in the exhibition as the largest manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment in Southeast Asia. During the 5 days of the event, VIKOMED welcomed more than 600 international visitors to the booth, of whom the majority offered proposals and invitation to cooperate in CKD or SKD production and exclusive distribution in countries such as Yemen, Russia, and Iran. , Kazakhstan, India, Egypt, UAE, ...

At this exhibition, VIKOMED showcases the most advanced and advanced diagnostic imaging equipment: Chest x-ray system integrated with AI & C-arm surgical system. VIKOMED has attracted nearly 200 business cooperation proposals. This is a great opportunity for VIKOMED to expand our business in the overseas markets, especially the Middle East market.

Image: VIKOMED's BOD and managers at the exhibition

Image: VIKOMED's booth