Steam Sterilizer N-class

This N-Class small steam sterilizer is proper to sterilize economically the non-wrapped medical devices and instruments used frequently in the health care facilities. The rectangular chamber allows user to load the items to be sterilized in the chamber much more and conveniently.



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  • The shortened cycle time by the new external steam generator.
  • The clean sterilization by separation of the reservoir and the used water container.
  • The improved sterilization performance by the innovative cycle process for the N-class small steam sterilizer.
  • The prevention from leaking of pressurized vapor during progressing a cycle and excellent durability by the integral chamber unwelded.
  • The rectangular chamber allows user to sterilize more items at a time.


HS-2522N (22l)

HS-3035N (35l)

HS-2321N (21.5l)

HS-3041N (40.5l)

HS-1607N (7l)