Electro-Magnetic Type ESWL System

Users’ Convenience Upgraded and Patient-Customized Solution System


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  • Minimization of pain
  • Stabilization of surgery environments
  • Provision of clear images regardless of body types
  • Convenience of use and management

Minimization of Pain

The magnetic shock-wave generator developed by GEMSS generates stable shock waves which that patients receive medical procedures without any pain.

Stabilization of Surgery Environments

GEMSS Lithotripter has a remarkable success rate with its high-performance shock-wave generator. It provides a stable surgery environment to both operator and patients with low noise (less than 50db).

Provision of Clear Images regardless of Body Types

GEMSS image-processing solutions make it possible to check images of wide body parts and to carry out Procedures for long-duration, thus enhancing diagnostic efficiency. Furthermore, when medical procedures are conducted on obese patients, it is possible to obtain high-quality images of stones.

Convenience of Use and Management

The software developed by GEMSS helps users operate equipment easily and it makes it possible to link with the existing PACS without an additional purchase of a PC, thus increasing the hospital economic feasibility. Moreover, by providing customer service through remote access, it can establish much more convenient medical environments.