Infinittt PACS is a completely Web-based PACS in which departmental PACS viewers such as Radiography, Cardiology, Dental, Mammo PACS viewers and 3D post-processing capabilities can operate on a single database platform.

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Cardiology Imaging and Reporting System

  1. Introduction

INFINITT Cardiology is a web -based system of image visualization, clinical and reporting tools for cardiology, cardiovascular and vascular imaging, EKG, and nuclear medicine.

It can be used as a standalone system, or fully integrated with the INFINITT Radiology PACS/Enterprise Database, consolidating data for EPIRs.

  1. Features
  • Basic and advanced measurements for images from echocardiography, non-invasive vascular studies, EKG, nuclear medicine, and cardiac catheterization
  • Sophisticated report creation with auto-populated measurements and interpretations
  • Elimination of transcription costs and reduced time to billing and reimbursement
  • Flexibility of reading and approving studies anywhere, anytime
  • Standardized report templates for cardiology and vascular procedures with electronic signature as well as auto report distribution upon approval
  • Statistical tools to simplify submission of data for ICAVL, ICAEL and ICANL accreditation, as well as to create monthly management reports
  • Easy data submission to ACC/NCDR, STS, and state registries by CVIS tools with automated data collection
  • Multimodalities (cardiac cath, echo, vascular, nuclear, ECG, CT, MR, IVUS, OCT)

Cardiac Catheterization/CVIS

  • INFINITT Cardiology offers image management, analysis tools, and ease of submission to data registries for the cardiac cath lab.


  • INFINITT Cardiology also offers a cardiology viewer, which has specialized functionalities for echocardiography to increase productivity and improve workflow, hospital revenue, and overall patient care.


  • INFINITT Cardiology provides an EKG management system with advanced viewing functionalities, analysis tools, and reporting functions.

Nuclear Medicine

  • INFINITT Cardiology offers manipulation and processing of raw data from any workstation and the capability to store raw and already processed data from a standalone system.

Non- lnvasive Vascular Lab

  • INFINITT Cardiology offers specialized functionalities for the non-invasive vascular lab to increase productivity and improve workflow, hospital revenue, and overall patient care.