10 Principles in customer service

10 principles in customer services of VIKOMED:

1. 24/7 hotline 0166 552 6789.

2. Online and direct guidance and consulting.

3. Our engineers are placed at any hospital where more than 5 equipments are installed (for example: Bach Mai hospital).

4. Our customer service centers are located in three central cities: Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh with 30 engineers in total, 14 of which has been trained in Korea.

5. Replaced device components are authentic and synchronized. We guarantee the quality of service even after the limited warranty time has expired.

6. One-week minimum on-site training for doctors and operators to ensure the most efficient operation.

7. Periodical inspection and maintenance during warranty period to ensure on-going operation.

8. VIKOMED offers a reasonable price policy and a variety of service packages to meet specific customers’ needs and requirements.

9. Professional services and friendly attitude towards customers.

10. Collect customer feedback on a regular basis.